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Wombourne Players

JULY 2020 - IT MAY COME as no surprise to hear that due to the ongoing health situation we are unable to present a production to you in October. The entire theatre industry, both professional and amateur continue to suffer greatly through these extraordinary times. As soon as we can safely do so, we hope to present to you our production of "Much Ado About Nothing" and in the meantime continue to send you all our best wishes. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.


APRIL 2020 - WE ARE VERY sad to announce that due to the ongoing Covid-19 health emergency we have no alternative but to postpone our May production of "Much Ado About Nothing". Director Sarah and her cast and crew are absolutely devastated after the months of hard work that has gone into rehearsals. The show was just coming together and had started to generate such excitement. In these unprecedented times we cannot be sure when we will be able to return to the stage. We send our best wishes to all our supporters at this worrying time. STAY SAFE


January 2020 - WE ARE DELIGHTED to welcome the following new members Mike Brownhill, Jan Cole, and Caroline Marks who have joined us for our epic production of "Much Ado About Nothing". We also welcome back Joe Dudley who last trod the boards with us in 2014 when he saved our bacon in "Last Week In August". We can't wait for you to meet our new members and see the fruits of their labour.


December 2019 - IT IS WITH great sadness that we have learnt of the passing of one of our life members Janet Winn. Janet was a commanding figure over many decades and took part in countless plays as both a director and actor. She will be remembered as someone who worked us hard but was never afraid of hard work herself and who was always very generous with her time. She opened her house to us for extra rehearsal nights and through her love of amateur dramatics helped bring many wonderful productions to the Wombourne stage perhaps most memorably with the ambitious "Stepping Out" which featured a tap dancing cast! We pass on our condolences to her family and friends.


November 2019 - WE ARE LOOKING for people to join us for our May 2020 production of "Much Ado About Nothing". This looks set to be one of our most ambitious projects yet and there are plenty of roles up for grabs. Don't miss this rare opportunity to take part in a classic Shakespearean production. Contact us for further details.


October 2019 - CONGRATULATIONS to Richard and the cast and crew of Night Must Fall. We survived a week of illness, bad backs, broken curtains and a vintage wheelchair with a mind of its own! We sold out on one night, with excellent audiences on the others. A great week after months of hard work. And in addition, congratulations to Graeme and Melanie Lockey who became Grandparents over the week! We'll make sure we sign young Olive up for membership asap.


June 2019 - XXX STORAGE REQUIRED XXX The Wombourne players are desperately looking for a safe place to store their props and furniture. Ideally a garage or similar or possibly a piece of land where we could park a storage container. We would only need infrequent access (around a dozen times a year). As a community group we have limited resourses and cannot afford the rents charged by commercial storage facilities but we would be willing to negotiate a reasonable figure. If you think you can help please contact us via our facebook page or info@ wombourneplayers.org.uk Many thanks


May 2019 - CONGRATULATIONS to Andrew Wood and the cast and crew of "Situation Comedy" for a week filled with laughter and good fun. The comedy proved a hit with audiences and it was wonderful to see six months of hard work pay off. We hope this was a fitting tribute to Beryl in whose memory this play was dedicated.


January 2019 - IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS that we have to announce the death of our dear friend Beryl Ireland who passed away after a short illness. Beryl was a society stalwart and audience favourite for many, many years. Her talent on stage was unrivaled, her comic timing second to none! It was this that earned her Best Actress at the All England Drama Festival. Her set design was detailed and always highly effective. She used to love to paint the backdrops. She worked so unselfishly for the society she loved and was for so long the backbone of our group, acting as our treasurer and ticket secretary and indeed undertaking any job that needed doing. The group are devastated at this loss and pay tribute to a true lady who will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Beryl. Wonderful actress, kind heart and beloved friend.


December 2018 -THANK YOU to everyone who shared our appeal for a new cast member. We are delighted to say Lynda Dunn answered the call and will be joining us on stage in the role of Doris. Lynda has a wealth of experience in musical theatre and performs with Cradley Heath Operatic Society. This is something of a departure for her and we wish her the very best in the role.


November 2018 - CONGRATULATIONS to director Sarah Aldridge and the cast and crew of "Bedroom Farce" for bringing such a challenging production to the stage. Our audience numbers continue to rise and we've received some fantastic feedback. The crew built an amazing set featuring three bedrooms and the actors bought Aycbourn's complicated dialogue and complex characters to life. We now wish new director Andrew Wood all the very best with his production of "Situation Comedy".


August 2018 - WELCOME to new members Chris and Amanda Clarke who will be joining us on stage in "Bedroom Farce". We are delighted to present yet more new faces and they both bring a wealth of experience to the Wombourne Stage. Ironically, Sarah has cast them as a volatile couple who bring chaos to the lives of those around them but we can assue you, they are proving a delight to work with in real life!


AUGUST 2018 - CONGRATULATIONS to Emma and Dickie Davis on their recent marriage. It was a beautiful day and our Emma looked stunning. We wish them every happiness on their journey together into married life.


JULY 2018 - IT IS WITH GREAT SADNESS that we must announce the passing of one of our Life Members Eileen Hardwick. Eileen was an active member during the 1980's and 90's. She served as our Chairman and also took many roles on stage, in particular comic character roles. Many will remember her enthusiastic tap dancing turn in "Stepping Out". In later years she often took on the role of wardrobe mistress until she moved to Scotland to be with her family. Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.


JULY 2018 - A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported our recent barn dance which raised an incredible £561 which we will put towards the rising costs of future productions. A fun night was had by all!


MAY 2018 - CONGRATULATIONS to Richard Corser and his team for a hudgely popular production of "Hobson's Choice". It's been wonderful to welcome so many new members to the group and we hope they will stay for our October production of "Bedroom Farce" directed by Sarah Patricia Aldridge. Fun times ahead.


APRIL 2018 - CONGRATULATIONS to organiser Sarah Aldridge and all members and friends who supported our Murder Mystery Night which raised £300 for Macmillan Cancer Support. A fantastic and fun evening that raised money for a great cause.


MARCH 2018 - WELCOME to new members Mac Hammond, Mark Jones, Joe Mort, and James Collins who will be joining us on stage in May. And welcome onboard Richard Corser and David Hendry who form part of our production crew. We are also being assisted with the scenic design by Liz Cox and look forward to working with all this new talent.


DECEMBER 2017 - A CHRISTMAS MESSAGE from our Chairman Graeme Lockey. "Having recently taken over the role of Chairman of The Players, can I wish all our members, volunteers, friends and loyal supports a very Happy Christmas and a successful 2018. I'm looking forward to two great shows next year and welcoming some new members into our group. Come and join us, we're really quite friendly!"


OCTOBER 2017 - CONGRATULATIONS to director Sarah Patricia Aldridge and the cast and crew of "Table Manners" who have just enjoyed a fabulous week presenting "Table Manners". We are so thankful to our loyal audience who have stuck with us during this difficult year and are pleased to announce audience numbers are actually up from last year. As we continue to rebuild as a group, Sarah is taking a well needed rest from directing duties for the next show and we are delighted to annouce Richard Corser will be making his directorial debut for us with "Hobson's Choice". He is no stranger to the amateur stage and we welcome him to the group.


JUL7 2017 - WELCOME to new member Megan Jones who has kindly agreed to take over the role of Ruth in our October production of "Table Manners". Megan is also a member of Wordsley Amateur Dramatics Society and is looking forward to the challenge of this interesting character.


MAY 2017 - IT IS WITH great sadness that we have to announce the passing of two former members, Graham Herbert, who many of you will remember for his wonderful comic performances, as well as the dashing Colonel FItzwillian in "Pride And Prejudice", and much loved life member Ann Dowling who for many years was a stalwart of the group both on and off the stage. We will cherish the happy memories of our time shared with these wonderful, talented friends and our thoughts are with their families.


APRIL 2017 - CONGRATULATIONS to members Steve and Denise Poole who recently found time out of our busy rehearsal schedule to get hitched!. We wish them all the very best in their life together.


FEBRUARY 2017 - WE ARE SORRY to annouce that we are taking a break to recharge our batteries and therefore there will be no May production this year. As a small group it can be exhausting to undertake the huge task of putting on performances to the standard you have all come to expect. But do not fear, we will come back stronger later on in the year.


JANUARY 2017 - WE ARE DELIGHTED to announce 2 recent engagements within the group.  Congratulations to one of our Calendar Girls Emma Baker and her fiancé Richard, and also to Denise Westwood and Steve Poole who joined the group last year.


NOVEMBER 2016 - A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported "Murder On The Nile" and to all our cast and crew for a hugely enjoyable show week. A special welcome back to returning members Graeme Lockey and Eric Newton who joined us once more on stage.


JULY 2016 - WE ARE DELIGHTED to welcome new members Lucy Barford and Anthony Lloyd who will be joining us on stage in "Murder On The Nile".


JUNE 2016 - IT IS WITH great sadness that we must announce that our member David Stamer has passed away. David appeared on stage with us (most memorably as one of the airmen in 'Allo 'Allo), and also worked most recently as our House Manager. Our thoughts are with his wife Dawn and family at this sad time.

MAY 2016 - CONGRATULATIONS to the cast and crew of "Visiting Hour" for a successful play week. In particular many thanks for all the kind words regarding the authenticity of our hospital set which was the result of a real team effort. The beds are for sale, contact us for further details!

APRIL 2016 - WE WOULD LIKE to thank Vi Hurdley for stepping in and joining the cast with just a few weeks to go before opening night. She brings a huge amount of experience with her and makes a great addition to the cast.

MARCH 2016 - WE ARE DELIGHTED to welcome new members Brigitte Brown and Steve Poole who will be joining us on stage in May, and Denise Westwood and Sam Gnosil who will be joining the back stage team.

OCTOBER 2015 - CONGRATULATIONS to Andy Wood, Sarah Aldridge and the fantastic crew who worked so hard on "The Secret Lives of Henry and Alice". A phenomenal success which raised the bar yet again. A huge welcome to the new recruits who have joined us, we look forward to working with you more in the future.

JULY 2015 - THANK YOU to all who popped by to see us at the Wombourne Carnival. We hope to see many new members at rehearsal soon.

May 2015 - CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in "The 39 Steps" which played to sell out audiences all week. A challenging and ambitious production that many have remarked was our most professional production to date.

March 2015 - WELCOME BACK to Andy Wood and Suzanne Smith who re-join us for our May production.

February 2015 - WE ARE PLEASED to announce that we have secured the amateur rights for "The 39 Steps" which we will be presenting in May. This is an ambitious production which is currently playing to packed houses in the West End.

October 2014 - CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved in our production of "Third Week In August" and to everyone who helped us put a full size caravan on the Community Centre stage. A huge thanks to Joe Dudley and Caroline Rabone for joining the cast at the last minute.

April 2014 - A HUGE THANK YOU to Andy Woods from WADS for stepping into the role of Sidney at short notice.

March 2014 - IT IS WITH deep sadness that we must announce life member Graham Rickwood has recently passed away. Graham was a firm favourite with Wombourne audiences and will be greatly missed.

February 2014 - WE ARE DELIGHTED to welcome new member Mark Wilcox for our production of London Suite.

October 2013 - WELCOME to Ben Savage who joins us for our production of Ladies Day.

January 2013 - A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported our production of Calendar Girls which raised £1000.00 for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.

June 2012 - WELCOME to new member Mel Broadbent who will be joining us on stage in our October production "Calendar Girls".

January 2012 - A REMINDER to all our loyal friends and patrons that from this year onwards we will only be producing two plays a year, in May and October. Unfortunately we have had to drop the February play as we were finding the burden a little too much. However we will now be focusing all our attention on our remaining two productions and hope to bring you some very special productions over the next few years!

October 2011 - CONGRATULATIONS to all involved with 'Allo 'Allo which played to a sell out audience every night. The production was a huge undertaking for the group but we are all very proud to have brought such a special play to the Wombourne stage.

September 2011 - 'Allo 'Allo has a huge cast and we are very happy to welcome new faces, Mike Frost, Gareth Landon, and Karl Wynn for this production.

November 2010 - WELCOME to new members Steve Clark and Jez Cartwright who we hope will be joining us on stage in our next production.

September 2010 - THANKS to Barbara Barlow and everyone who supported the Autumn Fayre which raised an amazing £370.00. The event was so successful we hope to hold a similar event in the spring!

July 2010 - CONGRATULATIONS to Caroline and Mark Rabone on the birth of their daughter Hannah Rebecca.

June 2010 - WELCOME to new members Ken Rowley and Kat Wollaston who will both be making their debut in the October production.

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